Dubuque Advertisingby Isaac Hanna sign Co.    
Our billboard


40 Feet high, 48 X14 feet, Digital Facing east
208 X 752 jpeg
Great visibility over 1,000 feet out, No obstructions or distractions
Hours of operation 24/7 compared to 20/7 from other sign companies
Competitive pricing, discounted price for annual contracts
Over 22,000 vehicles per day
No red tape or delays


All what you need to know:
Your add will run for 8 seconds every 16 to 64 seconds depending on the number of advertisers.
You can run different add for each cycle up to 4 different frames.
We could exclude competitor’s adds at your request if you purchase 2 or more spots.
Your add should be submitted in jpeg format, 208 X 752 px.
Dubuque advertising
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